Cabinet Type Aspirator HHA



* HHA: Cabinet Type Aspirator

Cabinet type extractors are used to freshen the ambient air in locations where heating and cooling is not desired. It has high or low suction and blowing capacity depending on the ambient air. It is fully sealed and manufactured in high quality. Areas of use are; workplaces, offices, cafeterias, markets, restaurants, meeting halls, shopping centres, hospitals, industrial plants, banks etc. According to customer requirement our cell extractors can be manufactured with or without filters.


Casing of our cabinet type extractors is manufactured from natural anodized aluminium profile. Section panels have 25 mm thickness, outer wall is manufactured from 0.80 mm prepainted galvanized steel sheet and interior wall is from 0.60 mm galvanized steel sheet. Glass wool is used as filling material. Statically and dynamically balanced, quiet and efficient double inlet centrifugal or plug fans are used. Standard electrical motors we used have 380V-50Hz electrical values.

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