Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Unit HIGK



* HIGK: Ceiling Type Heat Recovery Unit

Ceiling type heat recovery units provide energy saving as well as high quality inside air. Heat recovering ventilation systems regain the heat energy, which is lost during ventilation process, by executing heat transfer between fresh air and exhaust air. The aluminium plate heat exchangers used in this system have high performance and also high heat conductivity, therefore the product provides an efficient heat transfer between warm and cold air flows. Besides saving energy, it also provides fresh air to places which should have high-intensity air exhaust such as offices, banks, hotels, houses,
movie theatres, hospitals, all-purpose halls, fairexhibition grounds etc. 9 standard models are manufactured between 500 m³/h – 4000 m³/h air flow rates. The manufactured models have such designs that they are easy to assemble and maintenance, and also they can be put between suspended ceilings.


Carier frame is manufactured from double wall 1,00 mm thick galvanized steel sheet and there is acoustic insulation with 35 mm thickness inside the device. Self-motorized, quiet, single-phased (230V) and speed controllable, imported plug fans are used. In our heat recovery devices, heat exchanger with % 45-60
efficiency are being used.

• Speed Switch: Fans that suitable for speed control can be easily operated in demanded speed with the speed switch.
• Room Panel and Controller: Automatic controller is used for manually or automatically controlling stages of the electrical heater and fan.
• Duct Type Heater: Duct type electrical and water-coil heaters can be used at supply duct after device to give additional heat to ambient. Also they can be used at fresh air inlet before device to protect the exchanger against frost.

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