Fiber Filter Grille HLTM


• HLTM: Fiber Filter Grille

HLTM type grilles are used for return grilles in air-conditioning systems and ensure that unwanted particles in the air returned from the
environment are filtered. In addition to this they prevent the pollution from particles in the air from accumulating in the air ducts and on the
machines which may cause damage. They are used in hygienic environments such as operating theatres, clean rooms and in the textile sector. The
structure of filter mesh is in accordance with DIN 4185 which is stipulated in the textile sector. Also the filter section can be easily disassembled and cleaned due to its screw secured cover.


Product casing and 0,5 x Ø 0,3 mm mesh filter section are manufactured from AISI 304 quality Cr – Ni stainless steel material.

• Hidden screw assembly from neck to duct or wall

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