Fire Damper HYD


• HYD-R: Rectangular Fire Damper
• HYD-C: Circular Fire Damper

HYD-R and HYD-C Series Prismatic and circular Fire Dampers are used in air ducts in order to prevent spreading of the fire to other localities. Fire dampers consists of three main components. These parts are in turn casing and blade manufactured from galvanized sheet metal having TS EN 10346 certification and a protection fuse that becomes activated at 72C. The bearing bushing in the fire damper that acts as a jack valve is made from brass and the shaft that turns in the bearing is made from galvanized steel. This ensures longevity of the system and deformation of the material. In order to ensure a good seal in the casing joints high heat resistant red silicone is used. In addition to the fuse a servo-motor can also be incorporated to allow intervention. The servo-motor used is a 24V 240V motor. As an option the servo-motors can be equipped with thermal components. Servo-motor equipped fire dampers can be connected to the automation system for better control.


Products casing and blades are manufactured from 1,2 mm galvanized metal sheet fire resistant rockwool with 70 kg/m³ density and 25 mm thickness is used between the walls of blades.

Installation to air duct. (Clips and bolt, nut) Installation to wall with wall transition piece.

• DG: Wall transition piece
• SM: Servo motor (24V – 230V)
• LS: Limith switch

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