Floor Convector HYK



* HYK-C: Natural Convectional Floor Convector
* HYK-FC: Floor Convector with Fan
* HYK-MFC: Floor Convector with Mini Fan

This is an ideal product where aesthetic and mechanical solutions meet to complement the floor heating systems installed on facades consisting of large glass surfaces in order to prevent heat transfer and fogging. Our floor convectors are produced with casing heights of 85 mms and 115 mms up to 6 metres in length. In response to architectural and aesthetic requirements, we can produce the grilles of the floor convectors in 3 types, anodized aluminium, painted aluminium or wood. Their digital control panel with lights and fully compatible flow control valve, enable energy savings by optimizing capacity. The fan can also be worked in 3 stages in automatic or manual mode.


Linear grille, convector casing and frame are manufactured from high corrosion resistant aluminium profile.

• Aluminium anodised linear grille and frame
• Depending on demand, all the colours in other RAL codes linear grille and frame are provided.

• Room Panel and Controller: Controller card is an electronic card with 230V power inlet which controls motorized valve (on/off ) and rotation stage of tangential fans (as 3-5 stage) according to values adjusted by user. It is protected from water and dust by IP65 mounting box. Controller is commanded by room panel. Weekly program can be made. Connected to building automation.
• Digital Room Thermostat: It provides on/off control for motorized valve and single stage control for fan and can work with both natural and forced convectional convectors.
• On/Off Controlled Two-way Valve with Electro-Thermal Actuator: It allows water flow according to the on/off signal it gets from thermostat. It can be used in maximum 95ºC water temperature and 16 bar pressure. It operates with 230V electrical supply.

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