Hepa Filter Box HHK



• HHK: Hepa Filter Box

HHK Series Hepa Boxes are used in hygienic environments (Operating theatres, laboratories, hospitals, chemical and pharmaceutical and food factories etc.) In order to provide a good seal Hepa boxes are welded throughout. They are painted with RAL 9010 or 9016 white electrostatic powder paint. The test probe outputs on the box enable the testing of the filter for pollution levels.


Hepa filter boxes are manufactured from 1.2 mm DKP sheet metal. If required they can also be produced from stainless steel or aluminium.

• Electrostatic powder coating (Standard colours are RAL 9010 and RAL 9016)
• As an option all the colours in other RAL codes can be provided.

• Hepa filter boxes are suitable for suspended ceiling installation. The suspension apparatus on the device enables easy installation. They can be connected to an air duct via flexible duct piping.

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