Smoke Evacuation Damper HDTD


• HDTD-D: Smoke Evacuation Damper (Assembly to Concrete Slot)
• HDTD-K: Smoke Evacuation Damper (Assembly to Air Duct)

HDTD-D Shaft Smoke Dampers are used to evacuate smoke and poisonous gases formed by fire in a controlled manner. They are installed in fire and smoke shafts of buildings. The blades are normally closed and open when a fire occurs and ensures evacuation of smoke and poisonous gases. In multi-storey buildings the HDTD-D shaft smoke dampers on every floor are open on the floor where the fire has occurred and are closed at other floors. Thus passage of smoke to unaffected floors is prevented.


1.5 mms galvanized external casing, blades from aluminium profile or galvanized sheet metal, mechanism and shaft from steel, blade channels from brass parallel blades have mechanism, suitable for motor control, with 20*20 wire mesh.

• Assembly to air duct with bolt-nut and clamps.
• Assembly to concrete slot with special casing design can be installed with screws to box profile.

• TK: 20×20 mm galvanized wire mesh
• HLM: Linear grille for type HDTD-D

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