Variable Volume Control Damper HVAV



• HVAV-C: Circular Variable Volume Control Damper
• HVAV-S: Circular Variable Volume Control Damper with Sound Attenuator

It is used in blowing and exhaust channels. High for fast or variable flow applications has been designed. Special engine used on it Thanks to the calibrated flow range work automatically and externally does not require intervention. VAV application made Since the flow control is made in the spaces, unnecessary operation is prevented and energy saving It is provided. Also optionally manufactured with silencer VAV devices according to usage place It can also be manufactured with electric heater.


The casing and blades of HVAV-C series VAV devices are made from galvanized sheet metal and blade seal is provided for by using silicone gaskets. HVAV-C series VAV devices consist of a rectangular casing with a round input neck and an attenuator made from galvanized sheet metal an. The attenuators filling material consists of rock wool plates with a density of 70 kg/m3.

• Installation with suspenders.
• Installation to round duct.

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