Volume Damper HDHD



* HDHD-A : Standard Rectangular Volume Damper
* HDHD-B : Rectangular Volume Damper with Gasket

HDHD-A and HDHD-B Series volume control dampers are used in air ducts to control air volume. As a result of the mechanism employed the blades work in opposite directions. Manually controlled volume dampers are adjusted manually to the air volume requires and the locking mechanism on the handle is used to maintain the specified level of air. On request, they can be manufactured to incorporate 24V and 240V servo-motor control. Externally driven gear manufactured from plastic injection method is used as standard. Where plastic gears cannot be used, special bronze bearing bears can be


Products casing and blades are manufactured from extruded aluminium profile.

• Electrostatic powder coating (Standard colours are RAL 9010 and RAL 9016)
• Aluminium anodized
• As an option all the colours in other RAL codes can be provided.

• Assembly to air duct with bolt-nut and clamps.

• SM: Servo motor (24V – 230V)
• LS: Limith switch

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